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St Johns Lutheran Church Shell Creek - Columbus NE

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See our upcoming events for all members and or non-members of our congregation.

  • Worship With Holy Communion ​- See February Calendar
  • Youth Choir Sings - See February Calendar
  • Rejoice Choir sings - See February Calendar

2016 Children's Christmas Eve Program 

- Thank you to children and families for their participation, hard work, and involvement.  

- Thank you to all who helped make this event a huge success 

Previous Events

St Johns Lutheran Church Shell Creek in Columbus -

Church Times:

- Begins every Sunday at 8:45am - Through 2017 school year 

Rev. Dr. David Christenson, Pastor

Office - 402-564-8707

Cell - 605-321-0868

Sundays : 10:00AM - Every                           Sunday

Sunday School Times

St John's Lutheran Church - Columbus NE - has been located in the Columbus Nebrasaka Community for over 125 years.


St John's Lutheran Church Shell Creek

St John's Lutheran   Church Shell Creek