Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church Shell Creek

- St. John's Lutheran Church Shell Creek has been a historical church in the Columbus, Nebraska area for over 125 years and we are proud to share our history.​

​- We are proud to have a very supportive church community in the Platte County, Nebraksa area - Check our calendar for up coming church events.

- Founded in 1881 St. John's Luthern Church, Columbus is located north of Columbus, NE along Shell Creek  - East of Shell Creek Elementary School.  


St John's Lutheran Church - Columbus NE - has been located in the Columbus Nebrasaka Community for over 125 years.


St. John's Lutheran Church: 


Founded:    1881

Address:      10785 280th Street, Columbus, NE 68601

Phone:        402.564.8707

Email:         stjohns11@frontier.com